Cycles and Rhythms: RPM Festival, Pittsburgh Edition

Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) is a Boston-based, artist-run festival devoted to experimental cinematic work in animation, documentary, essay film, installation, and audiovisual performance. This touring program features 16mm films by Malic Amalya, Karel Doing, Anna Kipervaser, Ryan Marino, Moviate (Josh Drake, James Hollenbaugh, Jeremy Moss, Caleb Smith), Tomonari Nishikawa, Kathleen Rugh, Josh Weissbach, and Lilan Yang. Exploring the formal and conceptual possibilities of the medium with distinctive approaches, their films showcase the diversity of works shown at RPM Festival in recent years. The event is organized by Benny Shaffer and Wenhua Shi with Pittsburgh Sound + Image.

Program: 65 minutes

16mm prints:

Winter’s First Moons
Kathleen Rugh
3 mins, 2018, USA, color, sound, 16mm

Radiant Forms
Ryan Marino
7 mins, 2022, USA, color, sound, 16mm

Babbler, Fairy and Thrush
Karel Doing
3 mins 44 secs, 2022, UK, B/W, sound, 16mm

Amusement Ride
Tomonari Nishikawa
6 mins, 2019, Japan, color, sound, 16mm

This Is How I Felt
Josh Weissbach
1 mins 35 secs, 2022, USA, B/W, sound, 16mm

Everything Comes Full Circle (pictured, right)
Lilan Yang
13 mins 44 secs, 2022, USA, B/W & color, digital sound, 16mm

With the Tide, With the Tide
Anna Kipervaser
2 mins 49 secs, 2022, USA, color, sound, 16mm

Living Lessons in the Museum of Order
Malic Amalya
20 mins, 2022, USA, B/W and color, sound , 16mm

Ill Composto
Moviate (Josh Drake, James Hollenbaugh, Jeremy Moss, Caleb Smith)
3 mins 48 secs, 2023, USA, color, sound, 16mm

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