1 (2024)

It’s back! Originally intended as a “one”-off event, our “1” screening last January proved to be such a hit that we’re forced to bring it back for 2024! Except this time, we’ve overhauled the selection of films, ensuring another singular experience.

The backstory: when it comes to mysterious 16mm short film reels, we’ve noticed that those with one-word titles tend to have a more abstract theme and freeform aesthetics to match!

Just a few examples of titles you might see in this show:

  • Irony
  • Myoglobin
  • Analogies
  • Bang!
  • Art

We’ll provide everyone a list of one-word title films — more than we’ll have time to show. We’ll ask each guest to mark a “1” next to the ONE film that sounds most intriguing. At showtime, we’ll collect and count votes. The films with the most votes get shown!

BUT THERE’S MORE! We’ll kick off the festivities with TWO unusual 16mm short films by local makers: Brady Lewis’s Colliding and Michael Johnson’s Hostage. And the evening will culminate as ONE becomes THREE with a lost-and-found, acid-soaked triptych from the 1960s Portland experimental film scene. With a soundtrack by local freaks The Ill Fitting Party!

All of it goes down on 1.12.24.

Doors open at 7:30. Films start at 8:00.

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