One Hundred Years of 16mm Party with FILMO

16mm film is 100 years old this year, but the format has never seen something like this! Filmo is our one-of-a-kind experiment in participatory movie watching and fortuitous curation. Here’s the deal: everyone in attendance receives a unique Filmo card. It looks kind of like a bingo card, except each square lists a title of a short-short 16mm film (out of 75 possible options.)

We’ll draw a title and will then play that film. As audience members check-off their squares and get F-I-L-M-O, winners get to choose the next film!

F´╗┐ilm scholar Eli Boonin-Vail called our Filmo test run “Bar none the most fun I’ve ever had at a screening.”

This is a true celebration of 16mm, reflecting the diversity of work created and distributed on the format which revolutionized access to motion picture making and viewing. The pool of 75 possible films has been carefully chosen to reflect the immense range the format offers: educational, experimental, industrial, Hollywood, news, cartoons, commercials, porn, home movies, medical, outtakes, oddities, the downright inexplicable, and so much more.

As always, free drinks and snacks will be served. AFTERWARD, we’ll head to Voodoo Brewery (just down the street) to hang out! Your Filmo ticket includes a drink ticket.

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