Films by Chick Strand on 16mm

Pittsburgh Sound + Image is excited to partner with scholar, author, and archivist Adam Hart to co-curate a show we’ve all dreamed of for years: an evening of films by Chick Strand!

Strand is a legend, known for co-founding landmark of the avant-garde film world, Canyon Cinema, and then going on to herself create many movies. In the process, she refined her own radical melding of avant-garde and documentary film forms. Yet her work has largely remained unavailable outside of the occasional 16mm presentation. Those few that circulate online are mostly poor quality digital transfers.

Join us for these Strand films, in sensuous 16mm, just as they were meant to be experienced:

  • Waterfall
  • Cosas de mi Vida
  • Cartoon le Mousse
  • Kristallnacht
  • Anselmo and the Women
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