On 16mm: The Short Films of Barbara Loden and Joan Micklin Silver

Join us for the overlooked short films of pioneering moviemakers Barbara Loden and Joan Micklin Silver. Seldom screened theatrically from any format, these four films will be presented from original 16mm prints courtesy of Flea Market Films.

During key phases of their careers, Loden and Micklin Silver worked within the realm of the educational film; Loden at the end of her time as an actor and director and Micklin Silver at the start of hers as a writer and director. With The Frontier Experience (1975), the two even collaborated on the story of a woman’s uncertain future in the desolate landscape of the American west.

These four films touch upon a range of social and emotional issues, from the struggle of adolescence, to the joys of the secret language of friendship, to the unexpected complications of meeting a duck. Yet all are consistently compassionate portraits that carefully invite the viewer into the worlds of their protagonists.

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